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The Local Workforce Development Board (LWBD) represents a wide variety of individuals, businesses, and organizations through the local area. The East Baton Rouge Parish Workforce Development Board comprises 23 members appointed by the CEO (mayor-president) of East Baton Rouge Parish. The board consists of private sector and public sector members.
Private sector members may represent high demand industries such as technology, healthcare, insurance, construction, financial education, transportation, manufacturing, telecommunications, etc. The Board’s chairperson and co-chairperson must be representatives of the private sector.

Public sector members represent labor union & apprenticeship, education, Wagner-Peyser, veterans, community- based organizations, vocational rehabilitation etc.

Local Workforce Development Board 21 has the following committees:

Executive Committee - The Executive Committee acts on behalf of the full board between meetings when such action is necessary.

Youth and Young Adult Committee - The Youth and Young Adult Committee acts on behalf of the full board between meetings when such action is necessary to assist the LWDB with activities related to youth and young adult workforce activities.


Local Workforce Development Board-21/EMPLOY BR

 Serving the residents of East Baton Rouge Parish

Download the Proposed 2020 – 2024 Local/Regional Combined Plan.  Public comments regarding the proposed plan should be submitted via email to tsmall@brla.gov no later than January 31, 2021.

The Workforce Development Board is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Program.

Auxiliary aids and services are available to individuals with disabilities and for individuals lacking English proficiency upon request.
TTY: (800) 846-5277 or (800) 947-5277



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