Career Development

Career Development


In-Demand Jobs

Louisiana Star Jobs is the tool used to identify in-demand jobs. Occupations with 3, 4, and 5 stars are considered in-demand.

Résumé Builder

Our online database has a résumé writing tool to assist individuals in post their résumé. Résumés can be viewed by all registered employers in our system. For quick tips on creating a résumé go to our Quick Tips section. For additional assistance visit one of our center locations.

Training Scholarship

WIOA funding may be available to assist you in obtaining occupational skills training. Training course work cannot exceed a two year time frame. Review our Eligible Training Provider List  (ETPL) to see if your program of interest is approved for our area. If your program of interest is not listed, please review frequently as the ETPL is subject to change.

To apply for the training scholarship complete the EmployBR Eligibility Application; save the application to your computer and email as an attachment to


For additional questions please see one of our center staff. Contact Us



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