What are rules for social media?


1. Exercise the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If you wouldn’t speak to the person that way face to face, then don’t do it online

2. Remember everything you post online is public. It doesn’t matter whether or not you delete the message or text. If you’ve published it, it’s traceable. When you post things online, you’re creating a cyber fingerprint.

3. DON’T USE ALL CAPS when you’re emailing or posting something. All CAPS is a form of internet shouting.

4.Posting inappropriate photos


Common social media mistakes to avoid: 

1. Leaving your profile open to strangers

2. Including your real first and last names on your profiles

3. Displaying unprofessional profile photos

4. Allowing friends to post unprofessional comments

5. Posting or tweeting about bad work behavior

6. Bashing current or previous employers

7. Post non-work related activities during work hours

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