What should I wear to an interview?

Dress for success! Follow these general rules avoid outfit mishaps.

  1. Do your research and determine what is the appropriate attire to wear for the job you are interviewing for
  2. Hair should be clean and neatly groomed
  3. Groom your nails before an interview
  4. T-shirts are not appropriate for an interview or most jobs
  5. Avoid wearing jeans, capris, and cropped pants
  6. Cover tattoos, if possible
  7. Avoid wearing hats
  8. Avoid any bright or patterned clothing that may be distracting
  9. Clothing should not be too tight
  10. Wear moderate amount of cologne or perfume
  11. Dress to impress from head to toe…no flip-flops, sneakers, sandals, or funky boots
  12. Don’t forget the basics: take a shower and take care of basic hygiene issues
  13. Get rid of the attitude and greet your interviewer with enthusiasm and a firm handshake
  14. Remember to make eye contact


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